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Obituary for Casey Brown

Casey Brown 9/18/2004-3/17/2021
Casey was with me for 16 1/2 wonderful years!! She was the most loving companion you could ever ask for. The funny part is I did not want her. I had lost another pet in March of 2004 and swore never again. Then a friend of mine’s daughters wanted to go see some puppies their friends dog had, but their dad did not want to go. So they conned me into going so dad would take them. This adorable little brown-black and white puppy came up to me and we started playing together. I was still determined to say no, then I asked when they were born the owner said the 18th of September with that being my birthday also the deal was done! What a great decision it turned out to be!!!!!!!

Casey, I will miss you so much!!!!!
Thank you for being my best friend for all these years and always being there for me no matter what.
You will forever be in my Heart!
Our time together may be over, however the memories will last a lifetime. Thank you for being my beloved friend!!!!!