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Obituary for Hilary Whyel

Hilary Feb. 14, 2011 - March 22, 2021

My Valentines baby, Hilary had been by my side for 10 years before she crossed over the rainbow bridge. She was my rock, best friend, companion, diary, everything you could ask for. Hilly was one of the sweetest babies, but she did know how to run the show that's for sure! Anybody you ask that knew her, knows she was the true head of the household.
We had just gotten a new puppy (Henry) a year prior, and we also had an older yellow lab (Gertie) who couldn't keep up with a new pup. So, one day, my parents and I are looking through the newspaper and we discovered basset hound puppies for sale. We weren't intending to buy one, only just going to look. When we got there, there were only two girl puppies left. The place she came from wasn't in the best conditions. Her food was thrown where she laid and went potty and only a heat lamp to keep them warm at night. My parents decided they needed to bring one home. We have always been huge dog lovers and it just killed us to see the condition these babies were in, My mom was the one who picked out Hilary. We got her for a discount (our clearance puppy). Hilly was the tiniest one from the litter and we suspected she maybe was the runt (or crawled over from the neighbors).
When we brought her home, our other two babies, Henry and Gertie, thought it was Christmas morning. Henry couldn't contain himself knowing we just brought him a new friend home. Gertie, who was the matriarch at the time, just didn't know what to think but was glad Henry was off her back. As the years went on, the three of them had grown into a pack that could never be broken. Hilly looked up to Gertie as a mother figure and learned the "rules" of the house from her. Henry was more of a brother to her. They would play non-stop, be by each other's side, and become very best friends. The three of them were inseparable,
In the year 2015, we had just moved into our new house. During this time, our yellow lab, Gertie, wasn't in the best of health anymore. Gertie had always struggled with hip dysplasia since the age of 2, bad skin and bad ears. But that was the normal for her. When we moved in, within a 6 month period, Gertie had declined in health so badly, we had to make the hard decision to put her down. Hilary was devastated! Her mommy. guidance, best friend was gone. Hilly looked for her for months after she passed. But after some time, Hilly took over the role Gertie had. She became the matriarch of the family now.
In 2018, I had brought home a puppy without anybody knowing. Her name is Sheba, a saint bernard/bullmastiff mix. Henry once again thought it was Christmas morning where Hilary just didn't know what to think. Hilly thought I was replacing her which I could never do and was a little jealous at first. After some time of getting to know each other, it was a pack of three again. It wasn't the same but my Hilly was now the leader of the pack. She was the one who monitored the others, put the others in their place if need be, and didn't take anything from anybody. Hilly and Sheba had grown so close, it was like the relationship she had with Gertie but now it was Hilly's turn to teach Sheba.
February of 2021, my beautiful baby started getting sick. One thing led to another and found she had a tumor in her inner chest early March. My heart was broken into a million pieces. This was my baby for 10 years of my life. She had been through each and every one of my heartaches, achievements, troubled times, everything! She lasted 22 days and each of them days I babied her, spoiled her, and made sure she was comfortable. She went the way she wanted to go and that was in my arms, holding her closely to me as I kissed her head.
She was a girl of many names as well. Her famous names were The Puff, HillBilly, Miss Hilly, Hilly Bean Dip, White Lightning, and Fishy Lips
Hilary was not only a special girl but a one of a kind girl. She would kiss me on my lips so hard, she would make my lips raw. I would lay with her every single night and hold her tight to me.I'll never find someone like her again. She will be missed so dearly especially by a special girl named Aubrie and I.
You will forever be in our hearts Hilly. Until we meet again when I cross over the rainbow bridge. Love you baby girl!