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Obituary for Sasha Hanson

Sasha came into our lives 13 ½ years ago. She was 6 months old when my children and I got her. They begged me for her, and boy am I happy they did. She has made our lives so much happier over the years.

Sasha was initially my son’s “best friend” and was always with him. When he left for college, he took her with him. Her mommy and sissy missed her very much, but she was happy with him. That is UNTIL she figured out she had to go through a busy parking lot to go potty when he took her out lol.

She was scared of the cars and noise, so he had quite a problem getting her to go out after a while. Soooo, we made the decision to bring her back home, and that is where she had remained ever since. Sasha loved everyone she met, and any dog she met. Over the years, we kept gradually adding fur babies to the mix.

When her time on Earth ended, she left behind two fur sisters – Annie June (German shepherd mix), Mishka (Siberian Husky), and her brother, Samson (German shepherd). They all loved each other – despite the occasional fight over a bone or a toy . Annie June really loved her and was always licking in her mouth and on her head. Sasha overcame many illness’ over the years, and we swore she had an iron tank for a stomach, as she ate bags of gummy bears, entire Hershey kiss bags (paper and all), and many other “treats” she conveniently found. She loved to eat, and it showed for quite a while (yes, she ended up on a diet haha).

She was a polite beggar though and would just stare at you until you broke down… who can resist those pretty brown eyes?? She was a grumpy girl at times though lol (and stubborn), and would growl even if you looked at her a certain way or when her sissy, Chloe, would make high-pitched sounds. And, she absolutely LOVED belly scratches… she could lay there forever and if you stopped, she nudged you with her paw to continue. She also loved the snow and winter – that was her time of year! She had such a beautiful fur coat to keep her warm!

The last few years, Sasha had really been struggling with arthritis in her back hind area, and could no longer make it upstairs to sleep with her mommy, which she had always done since coming home from “college.” It broke her mommy’s heart, but she was comfortable downstairs with the others. She also started to lose weight, and her bloodwork came back very bad about 6 months ago. They thought she probably had cancer, but with her age, there wasn’t too much we could do. So, we decided to make the remaining time with her, a good quality of life. She was on numerous pain meds and prednisone, had numerous bouts with gastro issues, and really struggling getting up and walking the last month or so.

She quit eating about 2 weeks ago, and would only eat boiled chicken and eggs. She refused her dog food, and we could barely get her to take her pills… we tried everything. Her mom was getting desperate to get her to eat, to take her pills and was so worried for her. Her mom felt deep inside that it was time, even though she wanted to keep her Sashi girl for so much longer.

Sasha went peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge on 11/25/19, and joins her Rainbow Bridge brother, Bentley, who was her best buddy when he was alive. I am confident she is running pain free, and even giving a few of her grumpy growls she liked to give at times. She is healed from everything! We will always miss you Sasha, and you will forever be in our hearts, and we KNOW, we will be reunited again. We had a great 13 ½ years with you sweet girl! WE LOVE YOU SASHA, (aka: Sashi girl, Sashash, Sashimi and Sash).