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Obituary for Sienna Hebb

Sienna went to the rainbow bridge on Monday, March 18th at 5am. With not just her mom and dad by her side but, her little brother Cash. Sienna was a loving but, crazy lab. She was very spoiled. She loved to be outside and loved to be with her family. Her dad was her best friend. She lived a very long and good life. She was gonna be 15 years old. Sienna got to experience living out west for a year. She didn’t care where she went as long as she was with us. She also had a very bad adventure where she ran away for five days. Thankfully, a friend of ours found her. Sienna love to play in the creek and dive for rocks. She was always friendly and wanted her belly rubbed. She also loved candy, pizza, butter and other things she shouldn’t have had. She was a counter surfacer bad. Her health started declining in the last year. She wasn’t in pain though. Even in the last week she tried to beat up her brother for his food and she was always picking on the kitten. The last year in half she enjoyed her life the best because our grandson was always here to see her. She loves babies but, especially Jackson. Sienna, now you can run around and be crazy again! Eat all the junk you want too! We know you found lucky as soon as you got up there! You made the last 15 years a adventure. We will always remember the good times! You will be so missed!
“If loved could have saved you, you would have lived forever”.