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Obituary for Simon Peter Letner

Simon Peter Scott was born on a rainy April day. I like to believe that it was raining because God packed all the sunshine into one runt puppy. Simon originally belonged to a family friend, Elaine Scott. Simon was brought into our little family to be a trusted friend and named after Jesus's most trusted disciple. When Elaine passed away from breast cancer we took Simon in. Intending to re-home him, after a few failed attempts of homes we decided to keep him (after MUCH begging). The day he came home I was asleep, it was a cold winter night. My mom woke me up and said she had a surprise for me. When I walked into the living room he ran into my arms. From that moment on, we were best friends. Simon was adored by everyone who met him and his favorite strangers were kids.
Simon was known as "Toe Baby" because when I was sad he would lick my toes (which tickled) and it would make me laugh. Simon loved to go for car rides on summer days with all the windows down, and the radio all the way up. He loved to stop to get Happy Meals, and he was my handsome date to my Junior Prom. Simon's favorite song was "All-Star" and he loved his small yellow duck toy and sometimes would get to go to TSC to look at the real ducks. Simon often carried his small yellow duck to bed. In this same place, Simon loved to play Peek-A-Boo. This is where he earned another nickname "Boo". Simon's favorite place was Ohio where he got to see his best pal John. Simon got to see his beloved place one more time before he passed Ducky in paw.
Simon now spends his days eating cloud nuggets (which taste even better than chicken), playing with real ducks, and hanging out with his old friend Elaine. He patiently waits for his three favorite girls (Allison Letner, Diane Letner, and Clarissa Hall), his pal John Letner, his little brother Shadow, and his annoying little sister Loki.

Simon, I will miss you for the rest of my life. Thank you for being my best friend, and the love of my life. It is time for you to rest and I'll see you in a bit,,,,, and save me some cloud nuggets.