In Memory of



Obituary for Tabby Hamilton

Our sweet Tabby crossed over to the rainbow bridge on January 15, 2020. He joined our family in June 2004 when one of his humans, Whitney, brought him home from her church's VBS without asking her parents first. Everyone fell in love with him right away, though, and he was always silly, playful, and so loving. Giving love bites was his favorite thing to do, and purring was what he was great at. He had so many nicknames: Tabbers, Tabboo, Tabby Boy, Tabby Toos, baby boy, and Tabs, just to name a few. Our boy definitely had 9 lives. From getting lost for a few days when he was just a kitten, getting stuck in the neighbor's garage, climbing a tree way too high, going for a short drive on the top of a van, and beating skin cancer... he kept all of us on our toes.

He greeted everyone with a cute meow, would climb on your lap the moment you sat down, and fully enjoyed sitting by the grill while Sam grilled up some salmon or chicken. Tabby loved eating treats, playing with string or sticks, and trying to trick you in to giving him belly rubs just so he could grab your hand and play with you. He is probably up there having so much fun with his brothers and best buds, Oreo and Buttercup. We will never forget all the wonderful memories we made together, and he will always hold a special place in each of our hearts.

Until we meet again, Tabby Too. We love you forever.