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Obituary for Tinker Bell Hamilton

On February 12, 2020, our precious Tinker Belle crossed over to the rainbow bridge. She was born on September 23, 2004, and became a member of our family in November of that year. Some of Tink's favorite things included: going bye-byez, walks at the OARDC, picking out a new toy at the store, treats, being held like a baby, and playing fetch. One of the funniest memories of her is during her first summer with us, she ran out of the house and down the lane to the cow field. This little girl stood right in front of a cow and kept barking at it to make sure it knew she was the boss. Scared her humans a little bit, but it made us laugh then and still does whenever we think about it.

Two years ago, we rescued a puppy mill survivor now named Snowball. Tink became best friends with her in no time, and helped Snowball learn how great it is to be a dog. Tinkers was a diva, and always knew she was her Momma's little baby cakes. We'll miss her running around the house when she got the zoomies, doing "windshield" during her tricks, jumping up on the couch to be by us, biting at the vacuum, and getting excited about apples, eggs, or salmon. We are thankful for the many years we got to love on her, and will always hold her in our hearts.

Tinker Belle, thank you for being the best girl, and always loving us unconditionally. Have fun up there with your cat brothers. We love you forever, baby girl. Until we meet again.