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Obituary for Wilson James Triplett

Wilson James - 2007 - 2021

Wilson - was a Black Miniature Schnauzer recognized by the AKC as a purebred. He was born in the fall of 2007 and passed away at home.

His mother was from Holland and his father Duncan was a champion show dog. In 2009 after we lost our first dog brought Wilson into our lives. After a transaction for a new puppy was complete but the puppy was not ready to come home -Sheri, Wilson’s owner asked if I would be interested in a two year old male, Wilson. He had won a show and just was not interested in showing anymore. He wanted to be a lap dog and time was just not always available for that luxury. The answer was YES! Wilson and I drove home in the pouring rain and he never took his big brown eyes off me.

He was welcomed home by Oreo a black and silver Miniature Schnauzer as well as my very surprised husband - Matt. Matt asked I thought you were getting a puppy? Yes - she will be ready in a few weeks. TWO!!?? well technically 3 with Oreo.

Wilson was the sweetest most protective handsome boy. He was gentle, kind and stern if needed, for example when hubby would lean in to kiss me Wilson would growl. He was always on my my 3 or 6 and in the same room, usually on my lap. He welcomed home Olive Oyl the new puppy and a year later a new little human - Janae- Wilson enjoyed 10 years with Janae because that little girl dropped food like crazy.

Over the years he has travelled with us, enjoyed car rides getting some great air time hanging his head out the window. He had amazing neighbors who threw treats his way or bread out for the birds and he would wiggle through the fence to get it. He enjoyed his big back yard always walking the fence line sniffing for the “perfect spot” he liked the snow in winter and air conditioning in the summer.

He tolerated walks only because the little kids in the neighborhood would pet him and tell him he was so soft. He still had his beautiful walk from his show days. He was always beautifully groomed by his loving dad, Matt. He did not “play” often but when he did he was such a joy to watch. If I was not petting him or holding his paw which he required he would go sit next to another person in the house and stare at me until I called him back - as to say - see you should be jealous. For his age he was in good health - he had an enlarged heart - I always said of course because he loves me so much!

He spent years in my office napping and keeping an eye on the neighborhood from the window while I worked. The last year he spent being my unofficial support dog. He knew when I was in pain and would lay his head on the side of my face where the pain occurs. He would always go down the stairs before me, wait for me and watch me to ensure I made it down safely. The connection between us was a true bond of love - it never wavered it just continued to increase.

Wilson was very smart, he knew when it was 6am and 6pm he would be on his mat waiting to be fed and at 7pm it was evening treat time. If we did not take the hint he would come to us and bark one time. He disliked daylight savings time when he had to wait an extra hour.

The only thing Wilson loved more than me was food. If the cabinet door was left ajar he would rummage around for the bag he wanted. Yes he also stood on the open dishwasher and licked the dirty silverware.

He was greeted at the rainbow bridge by our previous schnauzers- Jellybean,Oreo and Olive Oyl as she passed at a young age.

He will be greatly missed by Matt, Melissa, Janae and Tulip Belle (salt and pepper schnauzer) Triplett.