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Obituary for Zoey Epling

At the beginning of Zoey’s life, she had an adventure that only she knew about. On February 15, 2014, that all changed. This is when she was rescued from the bitter cold of winter and started a new life with her new mom, Rachel. She was approximately 1-2 years old at the time. She was a beautiful white doggie with a brindle patch and the sweetest demeanor. It is thought that she might be a Jack Russell mix and/or Boxer mix, but who really knows. She was our perfect, beautiful “West Virginia Special.” She was calm yet playful, loyal yet stubborn at times, and in the end, very sick yet tough and incredibly strong.

Zoey loved squeaky toys. One squeak is all it took to turn her switch to “ON.” She loved to play with her babies, take walks and go on secrete adventures. She was a free spirit that did not like to be on the leash all the time. She often would run around our neighborhood for hours visiting the friends she made on her own. Many of which would give her treats and allow her to come inside. During these adventures, she would go into the woods and run around on the mountain sides of WV, but she always came home when she was ready for a nap or dinner.

Zoey was a well-traveled dog visiting many cities like Chicago, Williamsburg, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Wilmington, NC and many more. She loved going to the beach most of all, but she also really enjoyed camping/hiking trips, canoeing, boating, and swimming. While she disliked a bath, she loved to be around water and swimming.

She loved going for walks with her sister, Jayde and brother, Kohl until the walks got to be too hard on her. Then came her new favorite … riding in her stroller. She smiled nearly the entire time she strolled through the neighborhood looking down on Jayde and Kohl.

For the last ten years, Zoey has stolen, not only her mom’s heart, but so many others who knew her by bringing them joy with her bright eyes and sweet personality. She gave unconditional love to all of us. We are blessed to have shared her life with her. Zoey will be missed and will never be forgotten. We can imagine her strolling through eternity, smiling, looking down on us. We love you, Zoey!